Eleven Things about me

1. I like photography.  I like to photograph my family, our adventures, our day to day, and everything in between.  I suppose my having a photography site means you already knew this about me, so I'll try to be more interesting for the rest of the list.

2. I like coffee - a lot - but only if it's not super bitter.  I always add some milk.   Tea is good, too. 

3. I currently live in Edmonton, AB, Canada, and grew up in NW Wisconsin.  My family thinks I sound Canadian now and my iPhone auto-corrects me when I type using my American spelling.

4. I like camping.  And mountains.  And beaches.  I live for the days where I can walk around in jeans and a t-shirt.

5. I inherited my mom's ability to make a silly song out of about anything for my kids.  This is really handy, but strange when it comes out of nowhere in a public place.   

6.  My desk is always a hot mess and I carve out a little space for my keyboard and mouse.  It seems that it becomes the dumping ground for everything I'll get to "eventually."  

7. Our family loves Lego.  We're currently rebuilding all the vehicles as they were cannibalized by the kids for their creations.  I give it three weeks before I'm hunting down parts in the bin again.

8. I have a background in IT and computer systems.

9. For as much as I take photos, I am the world's WORST at getting them printed!  I do a yearly photo book but my poor walls are pretty bare.  I'm working on changing that!

10. I like color, and shiny things, and Sharpie markers in every shade.  I don't really even ever use them all, but I love to admire a rainbow of writing utensils.

11. I made this a list of eleven items because ten seemed too expected.