365 Degrees - August 14, 2015

Blog circle image for Edmonton Family Photographer Early morning.   Late evening.  In my house, those are the quietest times of day.  We've all just woken up and haven't yet started into the hustle and bustle, or we're soaking up the last light and the relative quietness that comes with it.  Of course, then the kids are tired and we'd probably rather be in bed, too, but we make the best of it.

Throughout the past week, I've been forcing myself to shoot in either that early or later light.  I tend to want to hunker down with my coffee or curl up and work, but I've picked up my camera and found a little something that caught my eye.

Come share my week, and don't forget to scroll down and follow around the circle to see the other photographers' beautiful moments, too.


Just before bedtime, a late bike ride to a playground in Edmonton means swings and sand and kids whose heads crash onto their pillows when they get home.

playground swings in north Edmonton

Early in the morning.  She wanted to share her leftover noodle "breakfast" (she would live on noodles if she could) and he wants none of it.

Kids eating noodles in Edmonton

Their little bean plants, planted a few weeks ago at K-Days, have grown tall.  I had been watching the growing storm clouds and got caught up in the shapes of their leaves and branches, reaching high and needing out of those little bitty cups they were started from.

plants in front of an Edmonton storm cloud

I've decided this should be a new tradition before school starts every year.  I wrestled clothes on them at 7:00am, stopped for Timbits (these are donut holes from Tim Horton's, if you aren't familiar) and then headed for a "picnic" in Hermitage Park.  We watched the geese and the seagulls milling around, hoping for a dropped treat.  He's pretending to be one.

Kids playing in Hermitage Park

Another summer day brought another stormy evening.  I sat at the front window, feeling the breeze, and noticed this little guy hanging onto my screen, enjoying it with me.  Though, in hindsight, his version may have been less enjoyment and more terror.

grasshopper hanging on screen

It's still a bit light out when they head to bed, but we know that with the turn of the seasons, night will come earlier and earlier.

Kid sleeping in IKEA bed

My daughter tends to wake up far too early for her own good.  I had written half a blog post and was on my third cup of coffee when the light spilled across the mess of the kitchen.  It forced me to pause and enjoy it, just for a moment.  Then it highlighted the dirty dishes, and so the day begins.

Early morning light on coffee cup

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