365 Degrees - August 21, 2015

Blog circle image for Edmonton Family Photographer It's official.  We've hit that last few weeks before school starts.

I remember this time clearly from my own childhood.  A few months of summer vacation felt like they would last forever.  We'd spend lazy days riding bikes and towing our little red wagon with a rope in a "parade" down the driveway.  We would enjoy the town festivities just as much as we enjoyed floating in a circle around the family hot tub with our inflatable tubes.  Two months really was FOREVER as a kid.

And then, before we knew it, school supply lists and new teachers were right around the corner.

I've got a brand new kindergartner who is thrilled by this.  I haven't actually told him that we're two and a half weeks away from his first day.  If I did, I'd be counting those days on my fingers with him all. day. long.  I'm just as thrilled for him to be going, but now I find us frantically trying to squeeze in the trips we had anticipated all summer and hadn't quite gotten to yet.

So we've spent a weekend camping three hours from home.  We took a day trip to Calgary.  We've got plans for Sunday and a few days next week.  The house cleaning is behind and there's a growing mountain of laundry piled at the end of our bed, but it can wait.  We're going to soak up every last bit of these warmer days before schedules and fall plans take over.

Here's to a wonderful weekend for my family and yours!

The weather has been all over the place, typical of the approaching change of seasons.  A particularly warm evening called for a walk to get Slurpee's (okay, the Mac's version).  It always becomes a game of how many flavors one can possibly fit in a cup.

slurpees in Edmonton

On the side light for our front door, we have an opaque static cling.  She has recently figured out how to peel it back and peeks through more than I care to continually fix it.  I'm not sure how much longer we'll have said static cling.

Edmonton photographer child looking out window

The intention was to go camping near Edmonton earlier in the summer but schedules changed.  Instead we spent the past weekend in William A. Switzer park, located outside Hinton, AB.  The first evening was warm and dry... and then came the rain.  It almost seems like it has become a theme for us.

dog outside tent trailer camping

After a damp night and following morning, we caught an afternoon break and ventured to the lake.  Anytime there is water, there must be rock throwing.

throwing rocks at William A Switzer park

In between all the final packing to leave the next morning, I snuck a little photographer selfie in my truck mirror.

Edmonton photographer selfie

The camping and driving home on dirt roads left me with one muddy truck.  A trip to the carwash is always a hit.

child enjoying Edmonton car wash

We made a weekday trip to Calaway Park in Calgary.  My husband hadn't been there in years and thought the kids would enjoy it.  True to their personalities, she's soaking up the fun and he's inspecting how the boat works.

kids enjoying boat at Calaway Park


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