365 Degrees - August 28, 2015

Blog circle image for Edmonton Family PhotographerAs I start to write this post, its after 11pm on Thursday night and our 365 Degrees blog posts go live on Friday mornings.  All the collaborators have their blogs prepared and have beautiful photos ready to showcase, except for me.  I'd love to say that I'm not always the last one done, but truth be told...that's a bit of a lie.  I seem to win the prize for the slowest to finish every single week. I could easily write some long fluffy post about how my finishing last means something amazing in the grand scheme of life.  You could read all about how hard it is to curate all the images and memories into just seven photos to share.  (That part is actually true, and I chose nine this week.  Saying we went to an airshow but not showing actual planes feels wrong!)

Truth be told, our lives are just like yours.  Busy, crazy, filled with love, speckled with distracting shiny objects, and always seeking balance.  Sometimes we're on the ball, and sometimes we're up a little later or working a little longer. In exchange we love a little deeper, play a few minutes more, and crash that much harder at the end of the night.

Or, we spend all evening out as family.  Then I get to stay up late writing a blog post, knowing full well that the tiny alarm clock will wake up before what most would consider a reasonable hour.

Balance.  Someday.


The latest request is always, "will you draw me a 'pider?  Will you draw a 'pider on a web so I can mush him?"  Thankfully she's not very particular about my spider sketching abilities, because I get about five seconds before she erases it.  Then she asks again.


This was taken just after 7am.  I'd love to say we had just gotten up, but we had been up for hours already.  A cute face and another cup of coffee makes it more bearable.

I took the kids to the Edmonton Airshow so my husband could have a day to study for an upcoming test.  We saw some pretty amazing motorcycle tricks,


and some equally amazing aerobatics.


If you ask him what the best part of the day was, though, all you'll hear about is that lemonade.


The sidewalk chalk really doesn't see much use for drawing.  It is apparently much better collected and admired for its many colors.


There's a spot on the green path near our house where the local kids have built a little bike jump.  Two years ago he was afraid to ride down in the other direction.  Now he's racing and jumping up it from this side.  For full effect, know that my head and camera are inches from his path and I'm silently praying he doesn't lose control.


Poor Mace.  The payment for being a really sweet kitty is that the kids love him, sometimes just a little too much.


Apparently there was an agreed upon morning "coffee" date, and I was not invited.



When you've finished, head on over to Cynthia Berning Photography.  She's got a brand new page and her first image of her son getting a haircut deserves a huge print in her house somewhere. Have a great weekend!