365 Degrees - August 7, 2015

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Everyone has a drawer or a spot in their house filled with random "stuff."  Maybe yours holds pens, rubber bands, or batteries.  Mine has all of that plus hand sanitizer, a few combination locks, and six kinds of tape.  (Oh. If you don't have one of these drawers, we need to talk.  I could really use your organizational secrets.)

I feel a little bit like my past week resembles that drawer.  Fun, useful, and maybe a bit of a random collection.  I suppose memories are like that, though, too.  Sometimes you remember events in chronological order.  Sometimes it's a feeling or a look or a funny moment stopped in time.  Or, occasionally, you might go digging through the depths of your memory bank, trying to find and recall the smallest details that just must be in there somewhere.

Since my kids are still quite little, many of their memories from these years won't shine as brightly down the road.  I hope that someday they'll enjoy the surprises of going back through their photographer mom's memory drawer.  I love knowing that my clients' kids will get to have that, too.

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My husband and son were away for the weekend, and she wanted to play photographer.  We set the camera on a chair, turned on the timer, and ran.  At some point we got a text asking what we were up to and I replied "oh, just hanging out!"

Girl and photographer mom playing with camera

The first green beans are ready, and the kids are on the hunt daily.

kids in Edmonton backyard garden looking for beans

This is the closest I can get to being on both sides of the lens at the same time!

photographer in Edmonton taking selfie with camera

Meet Mace.  He think's hes a ferocious lion, but he's much more of a fluffy teddy bear with claws.  He also knows he's not supposed to be on the counter, so after a quick snap I escorted him off this throne.

photographer's pet cat yawning

Her version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and mine are quite different.

girl playing with boomwhackers

This cracked me up as soon as I saw it on the back of the camera.  My son had been gone on a weekend trip with my husband, and she was so happy to have him home.  This was her giving him an adoring gaze but at this angle it's just a little bit creepy!

family photo of girl looking at brother

The last light of the day spilled over toys left on the floor, waiting for their story to continue tomorrow.

toys in last light in photographer's living room


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