365 Degrees - July 31, 2015

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Lately I've spent a lot of time pondering how I can be the best photographer that I am able to for my clients.  How I can give to you my best possible work.  How I can make the experience fun and easy and continually improve it for you.  How I can give your story all the attention it deserves - because you deserve it.

The work I do daily for 365 Degrees is a stepping stone.  Every week I set out to be the best photographer I can be, to capture our lives in the most honest way I possibly can, and of course, to have fun doing it.  Don't get me wrong, some days I don't feel particularly inspired, and others I have more good images to pick from than I could ever use.  That's typical of life in general, and I know your story has its ups and downs, too.

A Project 365 is a personal project, sure, but I do hope you enjoy the little peek into our lives.  The dedication I give to capturing my own family and real life is the same dedication and intent I give to yours.   I'll never reach the status of "the best" photographer.  It doesn't exist.  There is no point where I will ever stop learning or honing my skills, and there will always be ways I can make my work and my business even better.  For my family, and for yours.

I welcome that challenge.

Tiny toes danced across the garage pad, spinning and twirling.

Edmonton family photography image of kids playing in an alley

A new playground (while we waited for my truck to be serviced) brought new adventures and a really fast slide!

Edmonton best photographer photo of kids playing on playground

They like to play mini mechanics.  There's always something broken on the "motorcycle," and it must be brought in and discussed after every round of the kitchen.

Documentary photo of Boy on bike talking to girl

We visited a local park called Jurassic Forest.  They went ahead to find more dinosaurs and I just had to stay back and snap this memory.

Edmonton photographer family at Jurassic Forest

'Mom, we're airplane pilots.  I'm talking to the tower."

Kids listening to music

Suddenly she's hit what I call the Band-aid stage - every little scrape and bruise needs attention.  Doctor Dad to the rescue.

Family photo of dad helping small girl with a bandaid

The mail brought a book and some stickers, and along with them, much concentration.

Lifestyle photographer image of girl putting stickers on a book

Now head on over to Jen McDonald Photography to see what she has been up to.  She has an extra big share for you since she was away last week.  Her first image has beautiful perspective and color and is my favorite!