365 Degrees - November 6, 2015

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I think I've alluded to this being my second Project 365, as long as you didn't count my not completely finishing December 2014.  It's now the beginning of November and I'm beginning to remember why that happened.

Holidays.  School parties.  Work obligations.  The change of time.  Darkness coming early.  Last attempts at yardwork.  Finding a few more fall adventures.   Snow trying to dust the ground (but thankfully not yet sticking).  Scraping frost off the truck.  Checking all the winter clothing to see whether any of it fits.  Realizing none of it fits.  Digging for parking space in the garage.  Leaving the pumpkins to freeze on the front porch.  Debating putting up Christmas lights early.  Forgetting to put up Christmas lights early.

I love winter, but in the first month or so I really want to just find somewhere warm to hide.

Last week Halloween came...

We built a chocolate gingerbread house (that we're still eating... the black frosting leaves evidence on the kids' faces every time they try to sneak some) and went trick or treating.


Then Halloween left.

Mother Nature brought a dusting of snow and a wind that kept us happily inside removing decorations and eating the kids' candy.


The daily prep for school has changed from "hey, grab a sweatshirt, just in case!" to "find your boots, find your mittens, no the other mittens, yes you need to zip that jacket, and please put on a hat!"  Apparently it also includes flopping on the floor like a starfish while they wait for me.


Hot chocolate to follow that cold walk, anyone?


We had been off running errands (getting new boots and mittens, which is sort of fitting, right?) and as we drove back, it started to snow massive fluffy snowflakes.  By the time we got home and got warm clothes on, it had stopped.


Arnie (the cat) belongs to my husband, or rather my husband belongs to him.  He tolerates me most when he thinks he's been abandoned but as soon as his true love returns, I regain my unworthy status.   He also keeps his distance from the kids who like to carry him around,  so to find this happening is photo worthy.


Have you ever checked out the Bison Loop at Elk Island National Park?

On our first drive through in the morning, the bison were all laying in the background, but by the time we drove back through they had moved on.  Ah well.  Big red chairs and big open sky can't be beat either way.



Now go check out Cynthia Berning Photography.  She's just finishing her full second year of 365 and has the whole year in poster  form to share with you.