365 Degrees - October 16, 2015

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I'm going to call this week the start of getting back to success.

 We got out a bit more and everyone is finally feeling better.  We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving quietly, just the four of us.  We spent some of the nicer days in the backyard picking leaves off a cherry plant.  We hid from the crazy wind; the neighborhood is starting to look quite bare.  The morning temps are dropping into that range that makes you shiver and wonder how many weeks until the snow flies.

Far too soon, I'm sure.

We have a young tree in our backyard that is refusing to change colors, but all of my little plants got the memo loud and clear.  It seems like the colors around the city this year have been more vibrant than ever.  It warms my Wisconsin-born, Maple-trees-in-fall loving heart.


If we would let her, she would live on pasta and cold vegetables.


We snuck off to West Edmonton Mall over Thanksgiving weekend.

 You know those moments where you suddenly aren't sure where your kid is?  I mean, he must be close, he's not a toddler, and he's fine... but you aren't sure where he is, either?  Remember to check behind the large information kiosk where there's a better view of the little boats.


"Take picture my shoe!  Cheeeeeeese!"


After a quick trip for haircuts, we detoured to the playground.  I admit I may be teeny bit evil, but when you are asked to please spin your child?  You oblige.  You spin them, fast.


Sometimes I wish I could dance on stage and collect leaves all day, too.


He made sure to collect all of these before the wind blew them away, and then show me each and every one.


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