365 Degrees - October 2, 2015

Blog circle image for Edmonton Family Photographer

Well, it's official.

I've hit the wall.  The point in my Project 365 where I'm starting to look forward to the end and often not feeling very inspired at all.  I'll push through, because I'm stubborn, and because the changing seasons always give a bit of fresh perspective.  Still, I'll be happy to see the last day of December this year.

 I haven't decided what personal project next year will bring.  I do love the memories captured in daily shooting, but I'm ready for something new.  Maybe something video related?  Maybe a community action project?

In the meantime, somehow my calendar has flipped over to October and the trees are looking more and more bare.  Night shifts are almost finished.  I cannot wait to escape for a few hours, sans kids, to get some coffee and breathe in some crisp air without the usual five year old play-by-play.

Lately the moments I catch them playing quietly are fleeting.  I'll see something I want to capture and by the time I get there, they've moved on, and I haven't had enough time to climb the couch to get a better angle.

kids playing with trains

Don't let that face fool you.  She's playing "sad frog."  You're supposed to toss her a pretend treat now.

Family photographer image in Edmonton of child jumping on trampoline

Early morning snuggles for us, bedtime snuggles for him.

Edmonton photographer husband snuggles daughter

The ever watchful Hansen.  I find him tucked away in his spot like this a lot, keeping an eye on what's going on.  If he notices me looking at him he feels compelled to come and say hi, so I snap photos of him on the sly.

Edmonton photographer's dog resting on bed

While I was helping change the car over to winter tires, they were out playing enthusiastic mechanics with the bike pump.

kids playing with pump

They can't just eat the pears.  They have to play with them, smash them, and hold them in their mouths like smiles.

kids eating pears

Every dress she tries on brings a request to "help me twirl!"  I was hoping to capture her skirt from above but it's rather hard when she's latched onto my finger, twisting it sharply in directions it wasn't really made to bend.

child twirling


Head on over to Jen McDonald Photography next!  She has a gorgeous mountain photo you need to see, and I admit I thought that plane flying over the water was real!