365 Degrees - October 30, 2015

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We're back this week!  All the 365 Degrees ladies took a bit of a blogging break last week due to family, business, and life.  It's been nice to step back for a few days.

As I type this, I can hear rain on the front window and there's a cup of tea waiting for me to finish up.  The house is really a disaster, even though I swear the living room was clean two days ago.  The kids have been counting down the hours until Halloween and I am planning as many activities as I can for tomorrow to hold off the inevitable "is it time to go, yet?"

In other words, we're moving along right into the end of fall, whether we like it or not.  The daylight is shorter and the sun hangs lower.   The warmer blankets have been dragged from the closet.  It's cold in the mornings and harder to spontaneously get out of the house for the adventures we've been so used to having.

Time to find some new adventures.

Nothing beats a morning trip to throw rocks into the river.


She asked him to help with her book.  In his mind, that usually means take over and do it for her.


They've a started a little model plane together.  I found them huddled by a light in the basement, painting tiny details.  (Or, in her case, trying to swipe the jars of paint.  She had to come back upstairs with me.)


Lately it's all about the dot-to-dots.  I found an internet stash I can print from to meet his daily requests.  Maybe I'll give myself printer ink for Christmas.


Little Bee, my tiny shadow.  Everywhere I turn she's right behind me, hoping I have a treat or some leftover food or maybe even her beloved laser pointer.


It's not quite cleaning the paintbrushes like I asked, but I'll take it.  This is a painting of our family, with hearts for love, standing by a tree. "Because we like trees, too."


Sometimes you try to catch the moment, and an entirely different moment ends up finding you.  She had grapes stuffed in her cheeks like a chipmunk, and he carried her into the bathroom to show her in the mirror.  She was laughing too hard for a good funny-face-in-the-mirror shot but I think this represents us just as well.


Each day he gets a short book home from school, and we have him read it once to each of us.  On the floor in front of the dog food may not have been my first choice of spots, but no one seems to mind.