365 Degrees - October 9, 2015

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I had such high hopes this week.  I was planning to escape the walls of the house now that our schedules are returning to normal, and capture some of the fall colors.  The crisp air.  Some Edmonton adventures!  Something!  Anything!

And then we all got sick, one by one.

 I've still got the last remnants clinging to me, so it was another quiet set of days, pushing fluids and catching naps and adjusting back to normal human sleeping times, in the case of my husband.

Onward and upward, and hopefully out of the house.

I pulled out new window gel cling things.  (It's a technical term, I'm sure.)  I probably have a photo from every passing season of him putting up a new set.


We're trying to get her to keep her hair up more, in an attempt to reduce the amount of sticky items we wash out of it daily.  You can guess how well that's going.


The kids' grandma paid an evening visit while she was in town.  She brought with a (really cool) Lego set to build all sorts of simple machines.  We let him ask her to help build the first one.


Oh, look!  A brand new stash of window gel cling things!  Now I can replenish my stock for next year, courtesy of my awesome sister.  Thank you, Alyssa, for being my liaison to the Target dollar section I can no longer visit.  You totally get me. DSC_8501

Cue a new 5 year old phase.  "Mom, take a picture of this!  Now this!  Now this one.  Now this.  And this!  And that!  No, not me.  This.  Can I see?"

DSC_8466Dresses are meant for twirling.  Any dress, any place, any time. DSC_8512

In the last light of the day, I caught her trying to drag him back to her spot at the dinner table.  "Hansen!  There's food!  C'mon, Hansen!"


Now head on over to Cynthia Berning Photography and check out her week!  They built a seriously epic fort in their house.  I probably shouldn't show my kids... I don't think I can top it!