365 Degrees - September 11, 2015

Blog circle image for Edmonton Family Photographer I seem to use my 365 Degrees post as half personal blogging, half business news, and half musings on life lately.  Oh wait... that's three halves.  Well, you know what I mean.

We've spent the last week enjoying a long weekend, adjusting to my husband switching his work schedule to nights, and getting ready for kindergarten!  It's a little crazy busy, and finding the new normal is going to take some time.  I'm guessing you know exactly what I mean, judging by the sheer amount of Facebook statuses related to "back to school" and "need more coffee" and maybe "add some wine!" flying across my own news feed.  I hope you grabbed yourself a little treat on the way home from that first drop off.

In other news, I'm a bit of a busy bee working on getting some updates done around here.  Watch for changes to the website, some new product offerings that I think you will just love, and some model calls coming soon.  I truly feel that your photo session needs to be an experience and it needs to fit your family.  You already make the amazing memories.  What you receive from your lifestyle photography session needs to reflect that.

Here's to a fabulous weekend, a great school year ahead, and a good cup of coffee to start it all off.

After barely being able to get her around the block, she rode a good kilometer with us the other afternoon.  It wasn't fast, and I think I held 15 flowers by the time we got home, but we made it.

child in Edmonton riding balance bike

Oh!  Have I forgotten to introduce you?  Meet Bea.  (formerly Queen Bee). I haven't decided if it's now short for Beatrice, or short for "because I am a sucker for a cute face."  Possibly both.  She's a tiny, personality-filled sweetie, and she is not putting up with our boy cats pulling their usual stunts.  They're a little bit skeptical.

cat rescue from SCARS

Our good morning, goodbye, and bedtime kisses are wrapped into one.  He's on nights for the next month, including the weekends.  Trying to be quiet at home during the day has been a challenge.

Edmonton photographer family kissing

Nights alone also means I have the double bedtime by myself for a while.

Edmonton lifestyle photographer reading books to kids

Watching Mighty Machines together on my computer has been a bit of a special treat.

Edmonton kids watching a movie

Our sticker collection has been all but exhausted by her putting every one on a single piece of paper.

girl playing with stickers in Edmonton

His watching Mighty Machines gives me a few minutes to get her ready for bed.  The light floods in much earlier these days, bringing with it the change of seasons.  I swear I blinked and summer was over.

child looking at things to do in Edmonton


When you're done, don't forget to go around the circle by stopping at Cynthia Berning Photography next!  She came home with 13 pounds of peaches this week and I am oh-so-jealous.