365 Degrees - September 18, 2015

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The past week felt like a bit of fresh air, and not just because of the changing seasons.

All summer long I've found myself photographing my daughter more than my son.  It wasn't exactly intentional.  She tends to be held close to us so she doesn't wander, while he's able to have a bit more independence.  She's a bit of a ham who loves to show off, and he's a little more reserved.   Plus he's five, and well, when you're five, you can't be always bothered to let your mom follow you around, it seems.  (I'm pretty sure this doesn't ever really end, right?)

Choosing photos for this week was refreshing.  Suddenly my card is filled with images of him again, and less of her.  Suddenly he's a kindergarten kid who "is bigger now, Mom," but takes joy in telling me what he did that day.  Suddenly he's a much stronger reader, and he wants me to listen.  He can build his own Lego set, but wants help with the stickers.  He's off being entertained by new friends and experiences, and happily greeting me at pick up time.

I think I'm liking this cooler weather.

Are you on Instagram?  I'm trying to be more present.  It's a really cool way to see the work of some really talented people, especially other awesome Edmonton photographers.  If you'd like to follow along, you can find me @katieslivorskiphoto.

I had been seeing Instagram photos of the new fountains at the Legislature Grounds all summer, but when you have young kids and darkness comes late, it's impossible to get there before bedtime.  Finally the stars and the weather aligned and we made it down.  He jumped through all the fountains while I dodged all of them trying to get a good shot.  They are really beautiful, and you should go.

child playing in Edmonton Leg Grounds fountains

We spent a beautiful morning at the City Downtown Market browsing the wares with friends.  Stomping on dropped raspberries is apparently great fun!

visiting an Edmonton farmer's market downtown

"Mom, look at my snail family!  Pet this baby!  Oh wait, I squashed him."

child building Lego snail

I have bedtimes alone for another month because of my husband's work schedule.  Nights when they will let me read one story to share are both heartwearming and worthy of a happy dance.

mom reading book to kids in Edmonton

He's getting to be quite the little reader, and books that have Lego and firetrucks are extra awesome.  While he reads to us every day, this was the first time he brought a book down to read it all  himself, and that's a photo worthy memory.

Child reading Lego book in Edmonton

She finds putting little coffee cups into the holder great fun.  I find it a great way to save myself one step of unloading the groceries.

Child stacking k-cups

All this building is hard work!

Building a lego guy

Head on over to Jen McDonald Photography next, she's had a busy end to her summer and I'm a little bit jealous of her boys jumping on the massive trampoline.  Where else can you have a corn maze with a mountain backdrop?