365 Degrees - September 25, 2015

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What can I say?  It's a bit of a crazy month.  The transition into school is going fine and my husband and I have mastered the art of sharing the day's stories via email and the few hours before he heads off to work.

We spent the last week hosting a welcome visitor.  My mom (more commonly known around these parts as Nana) flies up a few times a year to hang out and play.  Somehow I always seem to end up putting her to work.  This time it was helping me repaint the kitchen and entertaining the kids while I did fun chores like ridding the closets of recently outgrown clothes.  It's kind of amazing how much I can accomplish in one afternoon without distractions.  Equally amazing is how much kids' clothes sizes vary based on brand name.  No wonder I had been putting that one off.

As usual, the week of fun flies by and along with it goes my ability to sneak away and catch a nap.  Until next time.

The first day.  Monkey see, monkey do!

Edmonton family photographer family hanging upside down

They have an obsession with paint lately.  They want "to PAINT, Mom!"  Not that watercolor stuff, either, they want the finger paints and the mess that comes along.  I admit I've been heading them off by telling my five year old he'll probably paint in school soon.  Maybe I'll give in on the weekend.

watercolor painting in Edmonton

 I'm pretty sure this is her "I SEE you over there" half smirk/half plot to get me back.   But hey, check out that kitchen color!

painting a kitchen in EdmontonSomeone is two-going-on-twelve these days.  Full of sass and big words and a love for controlling her little world, and by extension, ours, as much as she can.

Girl playing

We headed back down to the fountains, a little earlier in the evening this time.  They're certainly just as fun in the daylight, even if it was a bit too chilly this evening to be getting wet.  (not that it stopped the kids at all)

Edmonton lifestyle photographer family at legislature fountainsA well loved copy of Trouble has been a huge hit.  She really just wants to pop the dice and wear all the pieces on her fingers, though.

Edmonton board game

Before we know it, time passes, we make a return trip to the airport, and then we're back on our own.  On to the cooling days and changing colors of fall.

kids looking out window at Edmonton fall

When you're done, head on over to Jen McDonald Photography and check out her week!  It sounds like her weather has really cooled off and I can feel the chill in all her photos.