A New Year Brings New Adventures

Soooo, I should explain.

You've probably noticed a shift around here and on my Facebook page.  It's been a little less "at home" and a little more "get out and play!"  A little less "kid paintings at the table" and a little more "exploring the city, kids in tow."

I sat down this past fall to pull together the yearly album I fill to the brim with images of us throughout the year.  I poured through some 16,000 personal images from 2015 (maybe I have a problem??), and something dawned on me.  As much as I love documenting our everyday moments, the images I found myself searching for were the ones that had a bit more spice to them.  A July trip to Vancouver.  The camping trip in August.  Our family bike rides in September.

The truth is, I work from home, and sometimes documenting our at-home life just feels like more work.  Taking a photo of my dirty dishes and saying that it's a sign of how busy life is just makes me feel like I'm avoiding chores.  (and believe me, I do plenty of slacking.  Please ignore the collie hair tumbleweeds that might be found in more than a few corners at the moment).

I get a little bored with our daily routine. It's glorious, and I love it, but I find myself craving more.  There is nothing like the everyday moments to build a life around, but if you're like me, sometimes you just want to get up and go.  To move.  To escape.  To explore.

To adventure.

adventuring with kids in Edmonton

Now, don't get me wrong.  I've had a fabulous year of meeting new families and documenting everyday moments.  I will still be sharing occasional images of that style and would be thrilled to capture more family stories at home.

That said, expect a bit of a shift around here in 2016. Getting out with my kids and exploring is something I truly love, and I know you enjoy it, too.   I'll be sharing less of our daily routine and more of our city excursions.  I want to build on adventures, and family time, and togetherness.  For my family, and for yours.  I'm itching for new experiences, new journeys, and, of course, many more clients who want to embrace it with me.

Let's go camping in the mountains and hike into the sunset.  Explore the Legislature fountains at night.  Get ice cream stacked 5 scoops high.  There really are no limits.  Let's focus on making memories, having adventures, and let's have a blast this year.


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