A Breath of Fresh Air

So, you heard about the shift to more adventures, right?

If not, you definitely want to go read the last post, it can be found right here.

If you have, then you're in exactly the right place, and I'm thrilled to have you on board.  Honestly, I'm super excited for this shift in direction.  It feels new and refreshing, like a literal breath of fresh air.  I can't wait to start filling this whole website to the brim with beautiful photos of your family enjoying your favorite activities.

kids sledding in Edmonton hills

Speaking of filling the website....

I love my kids, but I want to see many more faces and stories featured on this blog.  In fact, I've come up with 5 winter activities that I'm ready to offer a seriously awesome discount for to get this little party started, if they're booked before the end of March.  Now all I need is you and your adventurous selves, ready to jump in with both feet!

1. Sledding!  We'll hit the hills together and while you and the kids race over and over from top to bottom.  We can end by trekking to your favorite place for hot chocolate.  Will it be a local Tim's?  The island you always gather around in your kitchen?  Who will make the biggest marshmallow stack?

2. Ice skating!  There are some glorious outdoor rinks in Edmonton and I admit I haven't been to many of them!  Show me your family's favorite spot, and we'll enjoy the crisp sounds of sharp skates together.

3. Winter hiking!  The trees are gorgeous, all covered in snow, and the river valley has plenty of trails!  Bring the dog and a hot beverage to sip, and a blanket to wrap up close together in.

4. Snowshoeing!  Let's find some fresh powder and make new tracks through the trees.

5. A winter bonfire!  Okay, I admit, I love a bonfire just about any time of year, especially if there are s'mores involved.  Who can beat gooey marshmallow fingers?

Are you ready to go?  Interested in hearing more about what a session entails?  Want to learn more about me?  Let's chat and start planning all the fun you're going to have.

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P.S.  Do you have another adventure idea that you think would be awesome but I didn't mention it here?  I'd love if you'd contact me anyway, it just might be a perfect match.  ;)