Rekindle Sessions

Edmonton couples photographer image of holding hands

Hey, couples!  Scoot in close, because I want to talk.

I don't know about you, but my calendar looks like a mostly-played bingo board these days.  I've got seven across and almost five down and hey, what's my prize again?

Sound familiar?

Let's face it - we're all busy.  We might be juggling work, or family, or Facebook (ha!), or maybe the fourth science project this month.  There's a bit of "did you feed the dog?" and a lot of "dirty socks need to go IN the laundry basket" and a helping of "I feel like I had something planned today..."

We give of ourselves over and over again, but when do we give to ourselves?  To each other?

Cooking Lake photo session with Edmonton photographer

Let's take some time for just the two of you and plan an adventure all your own.  Let's write that date on the calendar with a black permanent marker and circle it.  Let's hit that favorite coffee shop you haven't been to in years, or dust off the picnic basket you used when you were dating, or walk down Whyte and enjoy the atmosphere, or go explore nature.

Rekindle Sessions are new, and they're just for you.

(They're also available at portfolio pricing for a limited time! )

Edmonton pet photographer image of dog with couple