Journey Notes, the Newsletter

I recently changed the blog title to Journey Notes.

Partly because I want to focus on our journeys together as families and couples, partly because it fits my branding, and partly because, well, I think "blog" is kind of a weak name for a blog.  Journey Notes it is.

journey edit

At the same time, I'm starting a newsletter, because who actually keeps up with blogs these days?  Not me!  (aside from this one, obviously)  Meet your new inbox dweller:journey notes

I'm on a roll with the clever naming, aren't I?  But now you can get Journey Notes straight into your inbox!  I promise to keep it light and I promise not to spam your inbox daily.  Each month there will be a roundup of some recent blog posts, a few news type items, and some unique content for subscribers.  You'll also see limited time offers as well as some special model calls and other goodies I have yet to cook up.  (but I'm cooking, don't you worry.)  Basically, you want to be in, or you might miss out.

Signing up is easy!  Either use the link at the end of this post or go to the sidebar and enter your info there.

See ya in the first issue at the end of the month!