Meet Up Mini Sessions

This is my "I have an idea!" face.


Actually, this is my "we have basement renovations happening right now, and I'm kneeling in my living room, wearing a hat, taking marketing selfies while hoping the electrician does not come upstairs and realize I am completely insane" face.

Yesterday was a gorgeous one in Edmonton.  The trees were snow covered and positively fluffy.  I couldn't help but stare out my front window, pondering ways I could arrange a photo shoot.  Unfortunately I've been a bit tied up at home this week, answering questions and keeping life contained amidst the chaos that is the current state of my house.

But it was a pretty one, am I right?


It sparked an idea that I've had before.  I think yesterday would have been the perfect time to try it, so I want to get this going.


Introducing "Meet Up Minis"

Meet Up Minis are going to be a little taste of what it's like to work with me, by getting a chance to come and 'meet me somewhere.'   We can chat about the things you love to do, your favorite adventures, the awesome ideas you have for a session, or just catch up when it's been too long.  I'll get you playing, talking, and connecting, and then I'll pull out my camera.

Details about Meet Up Minis will be sent first to those already on my newsletter mailing list, so hint, hint, get on that list!  I expect the first round of Minis to be announced in late February.

Here's how it will work: I'll send out an email announcing a date and location that I will be available.  Expect somewhere unique, unusual, fun, or maybe holiday related.  It might be centered around an activity I've set up, held at a local small business, or a favorite beautiful location.   I'll list how many family or couples spots I have along with any specific requirements and details of the session.  There will likely be a very limited number of time slots and some minis may be on short notice.

To reserve your spot, you'll need to quickly send me an email, sign the contract electronically, and you're in!  Once the mini sessions are over, I'll post an online gallery of your session.  You'll get to pick one free digital file to have, and the rest will be able to be purchased at a per-file rate.  You'll also get a little gift to take home.

So!  You get a chance to meet me, and make sure I'm the best choice for you.  You get a digital file with a print release, at no cost..  AND you get to have some fun together as a couple or family.  There's no downside, but you have to be on the newsletter list to get in!

Sounds pretty fun, right?

P.S.  If you're a business owner and you might be interested in hosting some time?  We should chat!  Shoot me an email at and let's plan how we could work together. :)