Model Call - Adventurous Hearts Wanted!

family model call EDITED TO ADD: MODEL CALL NOW CLOSED!  Thank you for the fabulous responses I've received so far!  Please stay tuned and join the newsletter so you don't miss any future model calls. 


Hey there!  I need you!  No seriously, I really do.  (I also apparently need to vacuum the carpet I used for this image but we've already covered my occasional slacking on chores....)

I'm looking for a number of families and a few couples to join me in Edmonton adventure photo sessions.  Four legged family members are welcome, too.  (would they like a milkbone?)

These will not be typical posed sessions; rather we'll get creative and plan some activities based on things you love to do together or places you love to go.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve and welcome yours as well!

  • Must be available for January, February, or early March sessions
  • Model release required as the images will be used for website and marketing purposes
  • For your time, 8 digital images of your choice will be provided to you via digital download.  The complete gallery of your images will be available for purchase at a discounted rate.
  • Must be in Edmonton or the surrounding communities.
  • I'd love to see hiking, snowshoeing, sledding, or just getting out into the trees, so if this sounds like you, get that email started!

Ready to go?  Need more information?  Have a question?  Think you've got a fabulous recipe that I just must have?  Contact me using this link right HERE, or email me at  No commitment necessary, we can start by chatting.  I want to hear from you!

See ya soon!

P.S.  I will be model calling an adventurous film session or two, as well, if that's more your game.  Email me or stay tuned.