Let's Elevate This a Little

Katie Slivorski Photography is growing bigger.  Branching out.  Reaching new heights.  [Insert some other sappy tree related sayings here.]

Okay, I'll stop.

I recently worked with Cassandra of Twist and Shutter Design and Photography  to create something that I feel really fits the direction my photography is heading.  She nailed the aspects of branding that I was looking for and seemed to really understand my personality.

Meet my new logo!

new logo for photographer showcasing Edmonton adventuresAlong with meeting my new look, I want to give you a chance to meet a lot more of me.  Pretty logos are amazing (thank you Cassandra, you were awesome!) but being a real person behind the website is just as important to me.  For the next few weeks, then, I'll be sharing some some Throwback Thursday style posts of some of my family's favorite past adventures.  Maybe we'll give you a few ideas for your own summer travels?

Happy trails!